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Mimaki JV400LX Series latex wide format

Category: Printing Machines

Brand: Mimaki

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Products Description
Innovative new range of class-leading latex printers from Mimaki featuring strong environmental credentials, unique white latex ink, low curing temperatures and take advantage of high quality / zero waste piezo print heads.
Pre, print and post heaters typically running below 60°C in combination with built in drying fans aid the fast curing of the Mimaki latex ink. With no gassing off required; any post print lamination can take place immediately, shortening ‘total job time’ and enabling print suppliers to respond to short lead times. Coupled to Mimaki’s class leading print speeds – up to 18m2 / hour at 900 x 900dpi – the JV400LX range delivers a compelling solution across a broad range of applications.
Print to a broad range of substrates - from fabrics to backlit (taking advantage of the unique Mimaki white latex ink), paper to vinyl - and deliver great creative solutions for your customers.
The 1.3m and 1.6m wide Mimaki JV400LX printers feature a unique piezo print head, offering the usual advantages over alternative technologies – no requirement for frequent user head replacement, a stunning 4 picolitre dot size along with variable dot technology. The use of piezo heads further supports Mimaki’s environmental and sustainability credentials, with waste minimised and quality maintained throughout the printhead’s life.
The Mimaki latex ink is an aqueous, resin based technology with proven eco friendly qualities and zero odour, making the machines ideal for installation in shops, education establishments and office spaces – as well as traditional print companies and graphics setups.